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Managed Service
                    Consulting             Design        Construction       Operation      Optimization

The services provided by IT have evolved from meeting the traditional IT needs of enterprises, operating and maintaining IT infrastructure to assisting enterprises to cope with various problems, and IT is no longer limited to the technical level, but can help enterprises to improve their core competitiveness, improve services to achieve the purpose of cost reduction and risk avoidance.

Building and effectively managing a high-performance IT infrastructure to ensure the continuous and normal operation of business requires not only a high degree of IT expertise, but also flexible, standardized and excellent IT management capabilities. 

Managed Service
Experienced and professional IT operation and maintenance team. Enable you focus more on the development of core strengths.

9 offices in Mailand China

HKBN JOS has rich experience in IT services and has established long-term strategic partnerships with famous IT vendors at home and abroad. Over the years, the company has cultivated a team of skilled and experienced engineers to provide professional, reliable and agile IT services to enterprise customers by virtue of in-depth cooperation with the original vendors and long-term practice and accumulation of technologies for each platform. Customized IT can meet the precise needs of your business and provide maximum flexibility for sustainable growth.

Professional  Service
Site Inspection and Cybersecurity Consultancy
Global Unified Communications Consultancy

Data Center Operation and Maintenance Management

Technical Support
Hundreds of technical professionals on call 24/7
System Integration
Understanding Customer Needs, helping enterprises transform digitally.


Digital Transformation

One-stop ICT solutions in China

As a member of HKBN Group, HKBN JOS applies our local intelligence and understanding of diverse industries to provide personalised solutions for enterprises. We integrate the latest technology and best practices, in compliance with industry standards, to be a reliable digital transformation partner for enterprises in Asia.

With our professional technologies and capabilities, we form win-win partnerships with clients to achieve their business growth objectives and extend reach to more mainland territories.

How can we help you?
HKBN JOS Solutions

As a major system integrator, technical solution provider and technical consultant in Asia, HKBN JOS has a deep understanding of local market and industry, providing clients with one-stop ICT solutions, such as IT infrastructure, cloud data center and professional lT managed services. We help clients successfully 

carry our various businesses in China.

Next Generation Infrastructure

Turning ideas into innovation requires talent, experience and increasingly sophisticated technology infrastructure. Focuse on proven real-world solutions, our HKBN JOS team can help free your business from traditional hardware constraints and cloud concerns.

Enterprise Security
HKBN JOS Security Solutions are designed from the ground up to protect companies from new and evolving threatsBy harnessing deep expertise, strong relationships with leading vendors and access to the latest developmentsIn an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape, our affordable end-to-end protection is just what you need.

Smart Solutions & loT

As the boundaries between digital and physical assets continue to crumble, what people do is more important than where the)do it. Productivity now hinges on our ability to connect, collaborate and innovate -- anytime, anywhere. We deliver the expertisetools and voice and data infrastructure to where you'll need to enable secure collaborations, enhance business agility, reducecosts and increase performance.

Cloud Solutions
Our experienced cloud consultants can help define your business goals. We'll work with you to create a comprehensive publicprivate, hybrid and/or multi-cloud strategy that's a perfect fit for your business.

Intelligent Automation

Building on the latest industry advances technology such as RPA, OCR, Chatbot, Process Optimization and Visual nsight-HKBN JOS Intelligent Automation Solutions can help reinvent processes throughout operation and dramatically reduces support workloads. This means improving employee collaboration and productivity through customized workflows, increasing cost-efficiency from faster transaction processing and approvals, and far fewer human errors.

Telco Solutions
Leveraging our rich technology heritage and an extensive telecommunications portfolio from HKBN Group, IEPL. brings privateconnections to major cities around the world, enabling point-to-point connectivity for latency-sensitive data trafic like voice andvideo transmission.
Data Cross Boarder Transfer Security
If your company would like to transmit data from China to foreign countries, it would be necessary to comply with local laws and regulations both domestic and abroad.
HKBN JOS professional service team empower enterprise’s digitalized business to explore global market with one-stop ICT solution from consultation, evaluation, installation to optimization.

C2G Solutions

Keep your business one step ahead and seize business opportunities in an increasingly globalized world. 

The C2G Plan is exactly the one-stop solution for China business expending Globally including consultancy, IT equipment purchase, logistics transportation, installation and debugging.  

HKBN JOS Service
Has the business capacity to cover more than 125 countries/regions
Being one of the region's leading telecom and IT System Integration (SI) service providers and enterprise solutions arm of HKBN Ltd.  (SEHK Stock Code: 1310), HKBNES works tirelessly with its residential solutions arm  and technology partners to offer enterprise customers comprehensive end-to-end telecom & IT expertise that go beyond the industry standard in their digital transformation journeys. Meanwhile, we strategically positioned as the driver for both Hong Kong-based enterprises to tap into the Mainland China market, and for mainland companies to expand into the ASEAN market.
For businesses, connection matters now more than ever, and we strive to help you continue to operate and adapt the way you work. Let us know how we can help you do great things.
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